I started this business because I love to find new creative ways to use technology to produce amazing visual products. I worked in the IT industry for 19 years working my way up from the bottom and eventually into management. It was always satisfying to create innovative IT solutions but one day I took a photograph that changed my life.

I am a father of three beautiful children who are constantly a source of inspiration. My wife and I have been married for 17 amazing years and her encouragement for my passions in life are endless.

Having the ability to capture a special moment in time or an expression of love from a child is priceless. Showing the beauty of someone’s passion or creation and sharing it with the world is why I love photography.

Now with the ability to tell stories with cinematography it opens a whole new world of creativity. Small businesses might sell a product or service but knowing the people behind that business and why they do it is a passion of mine. I love telling those stories and letting the world get to know these special people who work constantly to bring their best to their world.


If you want to capture your wedding and emotional moments, leave a request.