KeeSnap Membership Agreement

This is a limited time offer. Videos are scheduled first come first serve and there may be some delay in completing your video based on current requests.

Our membership is designed to help provide you with tools to promote yourself and win more clients. To accomplish this we provide you with a marketing video specifically tailored to promote you as an agent as well as post your listings on social media.

The videos we provide are designed to show who you are as an agent and why future clients might want to work with you. We focus on your skills and background telling your story so future clients know who you are.

We provide two different levels of video. The first level is at $1000 and it includes a short on-site interview with yourself at a location of your choosing. It could be a current listing or new build or even your own home. Some agents like their videos to be produced at a special scenic view or venue.

The $4500 video is much more in depth. It provides a longer interview with recorded footage to tell your story. If you were raised on a farm and the life of waking up at 4 AM taught you how to work hard then we go to a farm and capture footage of similar work to tell your story. We focus on those special aspects of your life and use it to paint a picture of who you are and why every client out there should have you sell or help buy their dream home.

What is required?

All we ask is you use our services for 12 months at least up to your agreement amount.

The entry level $1000 membership is easily achievable to anyone who lists 6-7 homes a year with our standard package. If you like video walk through tours or aerial photography with your listings it will take 4 listings to meet your required amount for the year.

At the $4500 level it would take approximately 11 of our Aerial complete packages to meet your requirement for the year.

Now if you don't want to worry about meeting the requirement we can take a payment towards the video reducing the amount required to meet by the end of the 12 months.

If you do not meet your agreement amount by the end of the 12 months we will invoice you for the remaining amount.

To Get Started:

To get started complete the form below with your information and the desired membership level. We will then contact you to discuss the video and schedule a time to record it.

Level of Membership

Please select the level of membership you are agreeing to.

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