I have always been fascinated by cameras and the ability and/or talent to capture moments in time to express emotion.

I started taking landscape pictures on a film camera when I visited my dad in Colorado Springs. I was there on summer break in high school and I just loved how the rocks looked against the stars at night.

I bought my first professional digital camera when my wife and I decided to try and start a family. Then I bought my first drone and a whole new world of landscape photography opened to me.

This business isn't about cramming as many jobs in a day as we can. It's about capturing the best images possible and being there for our clients when they need us.


My name is Chris Keeran and I am the sole photographer for KeeSnap Photography.

In the past we expanded and hired other photographers on the team and it was great for a time but we lost focus. For a time I will be performing all of the photo sessions and proofing the images.

The main reason for doing this at this time is to ensure our clients are taken care of.

If you are needing video production or editing, I also perform those services.

If you need graphic design we can also provide those services. My sister, Heather, is an amazing graphic designer and does a lot of work for us and our clients.

If you'd like to chat about our work or how we can help you market your business please give us a call. I'd love to go get coffee and chat.


Thank you,


8027 BRONCO LN, P.O. BOX 4821 | Lago Vista, TX 78645 | info@keesnap.com | Tel: 512-677-7627

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