Life is full of opportunities to change in drastic ways. What you do with them is the question.

As a kid I would tear things apart to see how they worked. I would take parts from old tape recorders and make cars or just play with the motors. Thankfully I had parents who didn’t get too upset but instead would give me old broken items to tear apart and play with. Eventually my parents started giving me Legos, probably in fear of what I would take apart next to support my addiction, and I would build submarines, boats, and cars with motors in them. Some were pretty creative. What I really enjoyed was taking model rocket engines and putting them in my Lego cars to see how far my build would go, if it went straight, and not blow up. My kids play with my old Legos and sometimes my boys will run up to tell me they found a rocket car part because they could see the burn marks. In hindsight I probably should not have told them that story…

19 years I spent in the Information Technology world. 19 years of technical support, desktop support, quality assurance testing, scripting, application development, server management, project management, and then I bought a drone which ruined it all.

I flew it around and saw the potential for Real Estate photography. We fly for a lot more than just Real Estate now but that’s what made me start the business. I had always been interested in photography and even as a kid, with film, I have some photographs I am pretty proud of.¬†With cinematography I (we) can create a story that can change opinions, inspire love, forgiveness and hope. That is why I love what I do. If I can take a photo that makes people think or a 2 minute video to change a heart and only one heart is changed, I live happy.

We at KeeSnap do all sorts of work. We still do Real Estate and are constantly expanding our services and tools for agents to sell their properties quickly. We also help small businesses with their websites, product shots, promotional videos and in some cases technical expertise on computer/network/server/storage needs. We do family sessions for both photography and cinematography and the occasional wedding.

Life may start one way and you can spend 20+ years in a field then wake up one day with a completely different life. Sometimes those changes are difficult but I challenge you to look forward and not backwards. Look at your interests and talents and try it. God gave them to you for a reason… even at a young age… now go use them.